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Creighton Beauty - by Margie Hutton

Our Story

Nix Matters is a Kwazulu-Natal, Midlands-based local newspaper which first hit the shelves of local co-ops, supermarkets and local businesses in November 2009. Run by Janice Dreyer and Terry Mingay, Nix Matters offers local businesses the opportunity to market themselves and advertise their offers for local residents. Nix Matters appeals to a wide spectrum of readers – With a hint of humour, readers opinions and relevant news. The aim is to entertain and inform but it can’t be done without the input from the community.

Nix Matters

Needs to Know From You

  • Who will be where, when and why
  • What’s happening in your Community, Church, Mosque, School, Book Club, Wine Club, etc.
  • Who’s matched, hatched or dispatched
  • What’s for sale, hire or FREE
  • What sport is on the go – Fishing, Bowls, Rugby, Soccer, MTB, Motor Bike Rides, Polo,…Tiddly Winks
  • Whose hobbies are more interesting – Quilting, Birding, Bridge, Gardening…
  • What’s new on the business front
  • Where could any distant visitor rest their weary heads – and WHY they should stop and STAY in our area for more than a night!
  • You are also welcome to air your views via letters of opinion, suggestions, etc.

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